FuoriVia Egnatia 2017


\\ FuoriVia EGNATIA
\\\ Action 3: Thessaloniki – Kavala

30 candidates
15 places for students (ECTS accumulation)

We are looking for students from #architecture #urbanism #urbanplanning#heritage #conservation #archeology #environmental studies, #sociology#geography #economy #management #tourism #visualarts #design and passionate about #walking

FuoriVia together with Università IUAV di Venezia (Italy) in cooperation with municipalities, museums, local institution, local communities etc. The project FuoriVia Egnatia carries on the long legacy of the Itinerant Seminary of Urban and Landscape ecology (hold by Prof. Virginio Bettini, Iuav, from 2000, along Camino de Santiago, then trough Via Fracigena and now on Via Egnatia.

We will walk for two weeks following the traces of the ancient Via Egnatia, a roman commercial route that connect Durazzo to Istambul. Walking will be our peculiar approach to understand the territory along the route, in order to produce a complex and multi-layer analysis on its historical, cultural and environmental heritage.

We will go back in Greece! From Thessaloniki, where we arrived last year, until Kavala.
The intermediary stops will be: Lagyna – Lagkadikia – Nea Apollonia – Rentina – Asprovalta – Amphipolis – Paleokomi – Rodolivos – Kormista – Philippi.

Fuorivia wants to activate the process of re-development of Via Egnatia trough an approach of sustainable and conscious tourism. From an ancient lost route, Via Egnatia has the potential to evolve in a new path of connection between cultures, specifically designed for slow and walking journeys. The project started in 2015 (Durrës, Albania) and it will go on until 2019 (Istambul, Turkey).

We will be a big group (around 40 people) composed by students, researchers, professors and experts, but also people passionate about walking. Every day, we will walk around 20Km, supported by a small van, bringing materials and luggages. We will be hosted in public structures (school gyms, classrooms, sport fields etc.) arranged thanks to local administration support.

Along the path, together we will study the possible strategies to enhance the values of Via Egnatia in a multidisciplinary framework, in close relationship with institutions, associations and local communities. Different thematic workshop have been planned to elaborate a final concrete project proposal.

Departure: 16th of August from Milan.
Return: 1st of September to Milan.

30 places available
15 reserved to students

Students: 350€ + 15€ mandatory insurance (association subscription card included) – a valid student document is required.
Others: 380€ + 15€ mandatory insurance + 15€ association subscription card (if not already member)

The costs include: flights (round trip), accommodation, logistic support (e.g. the minivan and the materials), didactic material.
The costs do not include: common expenses (food and drink), other personal requirements.

For Iuav students 4 ECTS are recognized when the final outcome will be presented (to be decided with the tutors).
Students from other Universities, must ask their own administrative office for the ECTS validation.

Send us an email to info@fuorivia.org to have more information or to enroll@fuorivia.org to send your application. Please tell us who you are, why you want to join us and what are your expectations.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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